The Conference of the Birds is a Razoff production, and goes back to a Zonoff/Picnic Project with the same name, a radio show during the 48 hours Neukölln Festival Berlin in 2012.

Audio Cassette (28 mins), limited edition of 150 copies. 


Side A

  • Indias Indios – Sardu (4:00)
  • Delmore Fx – Like animals (2:04)
  • TRema – Chucao (3:05)
  • Triphaze – The travel diary of my crow (4:00)

Side B

  • Knifeloop – Flying blind (4:40)
  • Johnny Haway – Soniferous garden (4:00)
  • Urged – Children love birds (4:40)



Artists: indias indios, Delmore fx (aka Giorgio Gabber), TRema (aka Jean-Pierre Peruki), Triphaze (aka Marek Brandt), KnifeloopJohnny Haway, Urged (aka Allis Permitted)

Artwork by Sofy Maladi

Publishers: activeRat and Zonoff. More infos on here on
CC - Zonoff & activeRat 2014 and the authors



Audio Cassette (28 mins), limited edition of 150 copies. 

Artwork by Sofy Maladi, canary-yellow case and cassette, ChFr. 7.50 plus shipping (part).

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